Triangle VegFest 2017

Brought to you by the same organizers of our very own Wilmington VegFest, check out this year’s Triangle VegFest August 26th & 27th in Durham!

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We are so excited for our 2017 event. Join us on 8/26 for our presenter day then on 8/27 for our festival day. If you love food, beer, kombucha, shopping, cooking demos, roundtable discussions, and family friendly fun then this is the event for you.

We are indoors this year so don’t worry about the weather. There will be food trucks outside plus the Rex blood mobile because donating blood saves lives.

Check out our website for which vendors will be joining us, Our website also has info about our Saturday presenters and our monthly markets.

This will be our best year yet. Smaller but with an impact!

The first 200 people will get a goodie bag filled with coupons and samples. Don’t be late.

Tidal Creek Carrot Mob Photos!

The Carrot Mob tonight was a HUGE success with approximately 80 people attending! It was laid-back and fun with an incredibly vast array of 100% vegan dishes on the hot bar. We had nice big tables out on the deck and the weather was good to us. Everything was just perfect! Don’t forget to go back to Tidal Creek Co-op for more vegan hot bar options every night! Huge thank you to Tidal Creek for having us. Thank you to managers Krista Jorgensen and Anthony Garguilo. Thank you Shaylah Paul. Thank you to amazing chef Mike Slaton. And a special thank you Casey Nelson for organizing!

Some of the food & local ingredients:

Local Heirloom Tomato Pie (Red Beard Farm)
Local Corn Succotash (Cottle Organics)
Local Mushroom Risotto (Carolina Mushrooms)
BBQ Tempeh
Local Squash Casserole
Fried Chicken Tofu
Johnny Cakes
Local Fried Green Tomatoes (Black River Organic Farm)
Vegan Mac n Cheese
Organic Potato Salad
Cole Slaw (organic local)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Local Blackberry Cobbler
Roasted Carrots
Roasted Mixed Vegetables
Tomato Gazpacho
Watermelon Gazpacho

Tofu Cooking Demonstration

Another fabulous cooking class by local vegan chef extraordinaire Sandra! 

Description: Come and join me for a fun cooking demonstration and tasting of the fabulous TOFU! We will prepare tofu 5 different ways. Baked, Asian style, Tofu “tuna”, tofu blue cheese and as a chocolate dessert! All are welcome! The cost is $25 (Kids ages 12-18 are discounted to $15). In order to reserve a spot, I ask that you pay in advance through Paypal at

For questions, please contact Sandra directly or email Wilmington Vegan using the contact link on this page. 


Wilmington Vegan Carrot Mob at Tidal Creek!

Instead of a potluck this month (July), we are having a Carrot Mob! We’d like to show our appreciation for the great vegan eats that Tidal Creek has been offering on their hot bar. Let’s get together and grab a bite, or just grab a drink, and socialize out on the deck outside (or inside). The Saturday theme is Southern Food and it will be an ALL VEGAN HOT BAR!! How great is that?!?!

Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy vegan eats and meet up with other like-minded folks. Let’s show our numbers and create a positive incentive for more vegan eats in Wilmington!

Please note:
This event is on Saturday.
There is no potluck for July.

Carrot Mob takes the idea of a “flash mob” and uses a fun image of a carrot to represent the plants we love to eat. We’re a vegan mob of diners heading out to show our support to local restaurants and shops with vegan offerings. This is fun for us and shows businesses that there are a lot of us out there craving vegan fare. It offers a positive incentive to the restaurant – a carrot rather than a stick.

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RSVP: Not required and this event is open to the public – all are welcome! 

Vegan Cheese Making Classes!

Local artisan chef extraordinaire Sandra is hosting two upcoming vegan cheese making classes! Take a look at her descriptions below and get in touch if you’d like to attend. 

Vegan Cheese Demo and Tasting Part One – Sunday, July 9th, 11am

Come join us as I show you how to create your own vegan cheeses at home! For this class we will make Mozzarella with the famous Aquafaba, and the second one we will make is a creamy cashew cheese spread that is great on EVERYTHING! We will sample them both and I will have recipes for all to take home. The class will be $25 per person. If you attend both demos, you will get a discounted rate of $45!

Facebook Event Link:

Vegan Cheese Demo and Tasting Part Two – Sunday, July 9th, 2pm

In this demo we will be making a versatile cheese sauce that is perfect for baked macaroni and cheese or for baked potatoes or nachos, and more! The second is a Smoked Coconut Gouda that would impress anyone! We will sample both and I will have recipes to take home. Cost is $25 per person. If you attend both classes, I will give a discounted rate of $45.

Facebook Event Link: