Wilmington Vegan was in great company at the 2015 Conscience Fair held at Cape Fear Community College in downtown Wilmington on February 7th. It was great to see such a large turnout at an event that aims to get people involved in their local community. We enjoyed talking to both vegans and non-vegans alike about our dining guide and upcoming events. Being a table volunteer at events is a great way to become more involved with our group and talk to people about being vegan. Our next tabling event is the Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 25. Many of you found us at that particular event, so you know how successful our involvement was last year. This year, we’ll once again have handouts and smiling faces at the ready for anyone who stops by our table. If you’d like to volunteer at the table for Earth Day, email wilmingtonvegan@gmail.com.

Wilmington Vegan at 2015 Conscience Fair

2015 Conscience Fair Fun!
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