About Wilmington Vegan

Wilmington Vegan is the vegan community organization serving southeastern North Carolina. Our purpose is to provide resources and information for both longtime vegans and new vegans and to build a vibrant local community.

Wilmington Vegan was originally founded in 2011 by longtime vegan Sue Cag. As of 2018, the group is managed as follows:

Reva Kelly – Executive Director
Autumn Butler – Assistant Executive Director
Elizabeth Gordon – Facebook Administrator

Help build our local community by joining together and sharing your vegan experiences. Start by joining the Wilmington Vegan Facebook group to communicate freely with others in the local community at https://facebook.com/groups/wilmingtonvegan. Subscribe to the Wilmington Vegan newsletter, join in events, share your story, and participate in the betterment of animals and humanity.

Online Links

Website: https://wilmingtonvegan.com
Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/wilmingtonvegan
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wilmingtonvegan

Wilmington Vegan Projects

Wilmington Vegan is working on ongoing projects with the ultimate goal of enriching our local community while helping animals. 

Wilmington Vegan Restaurant & Community Guide
Wilmington Vegan publishes a local vegan guide which includes restaurant listings, business listings, community organizations, grocery stores, chefs, farmers markets, wellness services, and community information about vegan living in the Wilmington area. The guide is available locally at Tidal Creek Co-op as well as online at https://wilmingtonvegan.com/dining-guide.

Wilmington Vegan Potlucks
Wilmington Vegan hosts potlucks at the Kitchen & Lounge Community Building at South Front Apartments (1400 S 2nd St, Wilmington). Simply bring a vegan dish to share and come swap recipes and socialize. The Wilmington Vegan Lending Library is there for you to grab a book or DVD as well. For more information, check the Events section of our Facebook group or the website calendar.

Wilmington Vegan Facebook Discussion Group
Over 1,800 Wilmington Vegan members are active on our very popular Facebook discussion group. Members exchange information, share their experiences, swap recipes, and discuss vegan-related topics. New members can easily find help by posting questions while others are more than happy to advise. Please join the group here: https://facebook.com/groups/wilmingtonvegan.

Wilmington Vegan Lending Library
The Wilmington Vegan Lending Library consists of vegan cookbooks, fiction, non-fiction, animal rights, and children’s books, as well as magazines and DVDs. These items are loaned out to community members for free at Wilmington Vegan events.

Wilmington Vegan Website
On https://wilmingtonvegan.com you’ll find our active local blog, copies of our newsletter, community calendar, project updates, mentor program signup forms, and the online version of the Wilmington Vegan Restaurant & Community Guide.

Wilmington Vegan Biweekly Newsletter
Wilmington Vegan issues a newsletter every two weeks. The newsletter keeps everyone up to date on local happenings and includes information about current projects and upcoming events.

Wilmington Vegan Outreach
Wilmington Vegan has participated in numerous community outreach events including the annual Wilmington Earth Day Festival, Conscience Fair, Pawz In Park, Earth and Surf Fest, and Fire in the Pines. At the annual Wilmington Earth Day Festival, Wilmington Vegan presents an amazing educational display, handouts about veganism, coloring for the kids, and brownies as special treats to give away.

Community Connections
Wilmington Vegan reaches out to other organizations in our area doing their part to assist animals and improve our health and the environment. A limited list of related community groups can be found in the Wilmington Vegan Restaurant and Community Guide and on the Vegan-Owned page of our website. Wilmington Vegan expressly supports circus protests, zoo protests, and similar activities organized by North Carolina Farmed Animal Save (NCFAS), R.O.A.R. (Reaching Out for Animal Rights), and other animal rights groups.

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