There are two amazing vegan cooking classes coming up at The Seasoned Gourmet! Please go to to sign up for classes.  

Local vegan chef Emily Lyons teaches “Tempeh Three Ways”:

Join Chef Emily as she demystifies tofu’s funky, more delicious and nutritious counterpart. Learn what tempeh is, why it is good for you, and three ways to prepare the best plant-based protein source. Emily will begin with Blackened Tempeh Kale Salad and Green Goddess dressing, then move onto Tempeh Bacon BLT Sliders with Scallion Chili Aioli, and Tempeh Marinara Sauce and Walnut Parmesan topped Zucchini Noodles. 

Local chef Lisa Andree hosts “Give (Chick) Peas a Chance” along with local vegan all-star chef Sandra Sharpe. 

Join our chefs Lisa Andree and Sandra Sharpe to discover the amazing array of delicious and healthy items that you can create from the lowly chickpea. You will learn how to use the latest foodie craze, Aquafaba, plus the Middle Eastern staple, Besan, aka chickpea flour. From appetizers to entrees, desserts and condiments, the possibilities are virtually limitless!


Appetizer – Caprese salad with aquafaba mozzarella, Greek-Lemon chickpea crackers with smoked red pepper dip, and Chickpea of the Sea tuna salad.

Entree – Chickpea seitan cutlet with sweet paprika cream sauce, crispy oven-fried veggies, and green salad with aquafaba ranch dressing.

Dessert Trio – Strawberry macaron, Key Lime tartlet, and chickpea blondies.

Give Chickpeas a Chance Poster

Vegan Cooking Classes: Tempeh Three Ways & Give Chickpeas a Chance
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