For the past 30 years, a horse-drawn trolley has operated in downtown Wilmington. Now the city is considering granting permits to a new business that wishes to bring more horses downtown in the form of “romantic” horse-drawn hansom cab rides.

Resist Horse-Drawn Carriages in Wilmington is a newly formed group whose short-term mission is to prevent the expansion of horse-drawn vehicles in the Port City, and to see this type of transportation disappear from Wilmington entirely in the long-term.

Horse-drawn carriages are a relic from times past, when animals were essentially used as “machines” to perform difficult work. Now in 2018, these carriages are a novelty item in many high-traffic tourist locations, including Wilmington’s historic downtown district. Fortunately, more and more people are recognizing the fact that horse-drawn carriages—a bygone relic of ages past that are neither safe, humane, nor romantic —do not belong anywhere, and certainly not on crowded urban streets.

In city after city, horse-drawn carriages have been involved in accidents, resulting in injury and even death to horses, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. Even in the absence of accidents, horse-drawn carriages are cruel to the animals, who are forced to walk on pavement and breathe traffic fumes from morning to night.

The mayor and city councilors have heard from the company wishing expand horse carriages in Wilmington. Now they need to hear from those who oppose such expansion. To sign up to speak at future city council meetings, learn more about the issue, and join others in keeping horses and humans safe downtown, visit Resist Horse-Drawn Carriages in Wilmington online at or on Facebook (

Resist Horse-Drawn Carriages in Wilmington
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