Charleston Circus Billboard
The Circus is No Fun for Animals

Animal activist (and Wilmington Vegan member) Carol Vegvegan Herard recently ran a successful GoFundMe campaign to raise enough money to place this anti-circus billboard up on a busy interstate in North Charleston, SC. Herard will be heading up protests when the Ringling Brothers circus brings its confinement and cruelty to her hometown March 5th-9th. How amazing is this?

Unfortunately, this animal exploitation will also be coming to the Wilmington area. The Cole Bros. circus brings their cages to the Wilmington International Airport April 10th-13th. They will be met by protests organized by local activist (and WV member) Lorraine Moe. Please see the community calendar for more information.

Want to know more about the circus? Charleston “What I Vegan” blogger Sarah Swingle ( wrote an excellent piece on why it’s “The Saddest Show on Earth.”

Saddest Show on Earth (Dumbo)

“These are mentally ill, psychologically defeated animal beings. And for what? So that tigers can jump through flaming hoops and elephants can do ‘hand stands’ on their front legs. What have we come to?”     -Tom Regan, Empty Cages

The Saddest Show on Earth