Seitan is one of the original vegan proteins that could be made at home before the fridge and freezer cases at grocery stores were showcasing pre-made vegan fare. While we can now buy pre-packaged seitan at the store, making it at home is considerably cheaper. There are a variety of ways to make seitan, but it is essentially “wheat meat,” a substantial and glutenous protein that is often a good crossover food for vegans who miss the consistency and texture of meat.

This past Sunday, a small group of Wilmington Vegan members got a front row seat as board member and DIY superhero Sandra Sharpe demonstrated how to make seitan from scratch.

Sandra Sharpe makes Seitan

In the demonstration, Sandra showed how to make the broth and mix the dough. She then walked us through the process of kneading, rinsing, and cooking, answering questions along the way. She also showed us how to add spices to make different flavors of seitan, including an italian sausage flavor. We each left with a sample of seitan to try at home. I can’t wait to try the sausage!

Thanks to those of you who participated! We look forward to putting together future demonstrations for Wilmington Vegan members. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and join our Facebook group so you find out about all of our upcoming events!

Seitan Recipe

Seitan with Sandra!
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