The Carrot Mob tonight was a HUGE success with approximately 80 people attending! It was laid-back and fun with an incredibly vast array of 100% vegan dishes on the hot bar. We had nice big tables out on the deck and the weather was good to us. Everything was just perfect! Don’t forget to go back to Tidal Creek Co-op for more vegan hot bar options every night! Huge thank you to Tidal Creek for having us. Thank you to managers Krista Jorgensen and Anthony Garguilo. Thank you Shaylah Paul. Thank you to amazing chef Mike Slaton. And a special thank you Casey Nelson for organizing!

Some of the food & local ingredients:

Local Heirloom Tomato Pie (Red Beard Farm)
Local Corn Succotash (Cottle Organics)
Local Mushroom Risotto (Carolina Mushrooms)
BBQ Tempeh
Local Squash Casserole
Fried Chicken Tofu
Johnny Cakes
Local Fried Green Tomatoes (Black River Organic Farm)
Vegan Mac n Cheese
Organic Potato Salad
Cole Slaw (organic local)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Local Blackberry Cobbler
Roasted Carrots
Roasted Mixed Vegetables
Tomato Gazpacho
Watermelon Gazpacho

Tidal Creek Carrot Mob Photos!
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