To Review…

The 26th of October many vegans did gather, to bring Halloween to children who would rather
have candy without milk, eggs, honey or gelatin,
and that’s just what happened this year in Wilmington!

There were witches, cats, cowboys with brimmed hats,
Pokémon and unicorns, and creatures from the sea,
there was even a mad-beats, rapping, vegan bumblebee!

Fates were discovered by the bold, as they had their fortunes told
Faces were painted in various fashion by an artist with compassion
A spooky story, trick or treatin,’ the cutest sweets, laid out for eatin’!

It was a thrilling event, much fun was surely had
Although its over now, we won’t let that make us sad.
Thanks to all who came out and shared
those funds will go to be prepared, until the next All Hallows Eve
when we return to trick or to treat, on the nightmare we call Vegan Street!

**Thank you to ALL who came out and participated!  A big thanks to UpBeet Market and all of the other sponsors! Lastly, thank you to all our volunteers, including the door painters, story teller, fortune teller, face painter, chili makers and dessert bakers!**

Trick or treat, smelly feet, we had a blast on Vegan Street!