It was vegan central on North Topsail Beach last Saturday at the annual Earth and Surf Fest. Alongside the run and surf competitions, environmental messages, and high energy bands, appeared a row of several vegan and vegan-friendly booths. The day turned out to be a vegan extravaganza which was a truly amazing thing to happen in these parts. It was an early event and I had to pinch myself to believe it was real. No, it wasn’t just my dream world that had me. I was experiencing something amazing!

We had the always alluring and all-vegan local food company Kitchen Ahimsa doing brisk and friendly business selling raw vegan goodies to appreciative festival-goers, Wilmington Vegan spreading the word (of course), Spread vegan cheese (a yummy healthy plant cheese from Durham), Animal Rescue Bar (vegan bars that support animal causes), Ocean Defense (Brady Bradshaw’s fight against seismic testing),  plus Wilmington Yoga Center’s wonderful vegan owners Kristin and Loren Gulak, and our longtime supporter Cape Fear’s Going Green. Oh, and there were also explicitly vegan fruit and energy drinks. Wow!! Pinch me!!

Vegan Extravaganza at Earth and Surf Fest