The AwarenessStarted in North Carolina, the Virtual Vegan Book Club is for those who have a passion for both reading and veganism. The selection for this month is The Awareness by Gene Stone, author of Forks Over Knives.

On a day like any other, all mammals suddenly gain human-level consciousness—and begin a systematic attack on human kind. Among the ranks of these animals are a bear in the Canadian Rockies, an elephant in a traveling circus in Texas, a pig on a hog farm in North Carolina, and a dog living with his beloved owner in New York. As these four contend with the realities of who they were before the awareness, and who they must now become after it, they are each called to battle. The animals must then fight two wars: the one outside between mammals and humans, and the one inside each of their minds.

The discussion takes place online April 27th at 11:30am and includes Q&A with author Gene Stone at

Virtual Vegan Book Club
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