Instead of a potluck this month (July), we are having a Carrot Mob! We’d like to show our appreciation for the great vegan eats that Tidal Creek has been offering on their hot bar. Let’s get together and grab a bite, or just grab a drink, and socialize out on the deck outside (or inside). The Saturday theme is Southern Food and it will be an ALL VEGAN HOT BAR!! How great is that?!?!

Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy vegan eats and meet up with other like-minded folks. Let’s show our numbers and create a positive incentive for more vegan eats in Wilmington!

Please note:
This event is on Saturday.
There is no potluck for July.

Carrot Mob takes the idea of a “flash mob” and uses a fun image of a carrot to represent the plants we love to eat. We’re a vegan mob of diners heading out to show our support to local restaurants and shops with vegan offerings. This is fun for us and shows businesses that there are a lot of us out there craving vegan fare. It offers a positive incentive to the restaurant – a carrot rather than a stick.

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RSVP: Not required and this event is open to the public – all are welcome! 

Wilmington Vegan Carrot Mob at Tidal Creek!
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