Wilmington Vegan Dining GuideWe just received 1,000 copies of the Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide hot off the press!!

The Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide includes local restaurant listings, business listings, and community information about vegan living in the Wilmington area. This is a historical first for Wilmington and we’re thrilled to be part of this change!

The guide was created entirely by a volunteer effort. It took a lot of time and money and all of us who worked on this project did so in our very limited spare time. It’s a true labor of love. Please consider helping. Things change fast and we’ll soon enough need to update the listings and publish again!

The Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide was printed with the support of local businesses and is available as a flipbook and PDF download online at https://wilmingtonvegan.com/dining-guide and will soon be distributed locally (at all businesses listed in the guide). If you’re a restaurant, business, or community organization that would like to advertise in the Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide and/or be included in the listings, please email us via the contact page above.

Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide Now Available!
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