What a fantastic day!!

There are more people in Wilmington than we could have imagined who are interested in veganism! There are more people than we could have imagined who are already vegan or vegetarian or somewhere along the way. Many people had already heard of us and were excited to meet us. We also had vegans come up to us and exclaim “I didn’t know there were other vegans in Wilmington!” One couple drove an hour from Whiteville to see us. One guy explained that since he went vegan he was able to cut his diabetes medications. Tons and tons of folks requested a copy of the Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide (which isn’t yet done with the printing process). Numerous new folks filled out the signup sheet for the newsletter, volunteering, and the mentor program too! People loved our table and our display (especially the swimming piggy photo). All our boxes and boxes of handouts are all gone! And the brownies. Oh did people ooh and aah over the brownies!

What a great day!! This was the first time in history a vegan group was represented at the Wilmington Earth Day Festival. We made history! Such big changes are happening in our southern town. It’s surprising, exciting, and encouraging! And now for some pictures!

Wilmington Vegan at the Wilmington Earth Day Festival
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