See “Veganism in Print” in huge bold lettering with the subtitle: “New dining guide focuses on plant based diets and local businesses that support it” on the front cover of the latest edition of Encore Magazine. That’s us!! We never thought we’d see Veganism on the front cover of a magazine in our Southern town, much less so big and bold!!  Wow!!

Editor Shea Carver interviewed Wilmington Vegan’s founder Sue Cag and crafted an excellent and accurate article about Wilmington Vegan, the Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide, and the rise of veganism in our local town.

Pick up a copy or read the article online at: and give Encore a big THANKS! for raising awareness about veganism and our group.

Wilmington Vegan in Encore Magazine
Awesome graphics on the cover of Encore Magazine and all about us!!
Wilmington Vegan in Encore Magazine page 28
Page 28 of Encore Magazine, all about Wilmington Vegan and founder Sue Cag
Wilmington Vegan on the Front Cover of Encore Magazine!!
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