Wilmington Vegan is featured in the Summer/Fall 2014 edition of Devour Magazine!

In the two page spread, Devour Magazine editor Shea Carver interviews Wilmington Vegan founder Sue Cag and explores the origins of the Wilmington Vegan Dining Guide, local dining experiences, vegan-friendly businesses, and current and future projects.

“Having this resource in the community is a big deal – more than I could have known when we first started working on it. It definitely shows folks there are a ton of choices in our community, probably a lot more than they imagined. It’s easy to find tasty vegan eats in town, and it’s constantly improving, even in a Southern town like ours.”        ~ Sue Cag

Read the article online at http://www.devourilm.com/2014/08/05/community-resource/

Wilmington Vegan in Devour Magazine Summer 2014
Wilmington Vegan in Devour Magazine Summer/Fall 2014

“I went vegan for ethical reasons. For me it was intuitive. I liked animals and it was obvious they experienced joy and pain. Not eating them or using them was such a simple way for me to eliminate a whole lot of unnecessary suffering in the world. It just seemed like a no brainer.”     ~ Sue Cag

Wilmington Vegan featured in Devour Magazine
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