And now for something very different… The theme for our September potluck is carnival foods!! What fun!! Let’s get together and enjoy some fun fair revelry!! Vegan corn dogs, tempura on a stick, funnel cake, caramel apple, corn on the cob, BBQ jackfruit sliders or tacos, onion rings, french fries, churros, chocolate covered banana on a stick, caramel popcorn, carrot dogs, seitan drummies, falafel, quick noodle dishes, pineapple, tamales, stewed chickpeas, chili, cinnamon roasted almonds, pickle on a stick, cheezesticks, fried kraut balls, jerk tofu, veggie kabobs, berries on a stick, (basically anything on a stick!)

The purpose of this event is to make (or purchase) a new or favorite dish to share with others, get together and socialize with other like-minded folks, and enjoy small samples of the yummy vegan dishes everyone else brings. Please bring a good amount of food to share and extra if you’re bringing children or there’s more than one person in your party.

Bring a list of ingredients along with your dish (or even better, the recipe!) Remember: this is a vegan safe-space event and DISHES MUST BE 100% VEGAN, with no meat, no fish, no milk, no butter, no eggs, no chicken stock, no honey, and so on. Please ask if you have any questions. Please also bring YOUR OWN UTENSILS, BOWL, PLATE and drink. This is a TRASH-FREE EVENT which means we are not generating any trash – please bring only reusable items, no paper or plastic.

Our potlucks take place the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at the Kitchen & Lounge Community Building at South Front Apartments. Use the gate located on Greenfield Street at 2nd Street, across the street from Satellite Bar. The gate is open until 7pm, after that you’ll need to enter a code. Drive straight in all the way until the end of the road and turn right to find parking. Parking is permitted only in the spaces without numbers. After parking, walk over to the lounge located at the center of the complex. The lounge entrance is on the opposite side (facing Front St).

What: Wilmington Vegan September Potluck – Carnival Food!
Where: Kitchen & Lounge at South Front Apartments
(1400 S 2nd St, Wilmington, NC 28401)
When: Thursday, September 1st, 6:30pm
Event Link:

Wilmington Vegan Potluck

Wilmington Vegan’s September Potluck – Carnival Foods!
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