The World Peace DietThank you to everyone who came to the potluck and lecture last night. A special thank you to board members Casey Nelson, Kim Dicso, Sandra Sharpe, and Daniel Pierce for working hard to make everything run smoothly, and to Traci Hobson for coordinating. I purchased a copy of The World Peace Diet to add to our lending library and Dr Tuttle signed it for all of us! This is one of my favorite passages about the sacredness of food, from the beginning of the book:

What is so simple as eating an apple? And yet, what could be more sacred or profound? When we eat an apple we are not just eating an apple as a separate thing. The apple enters us, dissolves within us, contributes to us, and becomes us. And each apple is a manifestation of so much more. We are eating of the rain and the clouds and of all the trees that have gone before to bring this tree into manifestation, and of the tears, sweat, bodies, and breaths of countless generations of animals, plants, and people that have become the rain and soil and wind that feed the apple tree.

When we look into one apple, we see the entire universe. All the planets and stars, our sun and moon, the oceans, rivers, forests, fields, and creatures are in this apple. The apple tree is a manifestation of an infinite web of life, and for the tree to exist, every component of the web is vital. The apple is the gift of the tree and of the infinite universe propagating and celebrating itself through the apple. The seeds fall, in the apple, to become new trees, or are eaten by humans or bears or birds and thus distributed more widely, spreading and benefiting the tree and the whole system, unfolding in utter vastness, complexity, and perfection. If we become aware of this when we eat an apple, we will know we are loved and nourished, and that we are part of something greater, a mystery so immense and benevolent and exciting that we can only be touched by the sense of sacredness… Eating an apple with awareness can be a sacred feast, and yet it is usually done casually while we are preoccupied with something else.
~ from The World Peace Diet by Dr Will Tuttle

Sue Cag introducing Dr Will Tuttle
Wilmington Vegan founder Sue Cag introducing Dr Will Tuttle
Wilmington Vegan’s Cinco de Mayo + Dr Will Tuttle Event Photos!!
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