Wilmington Vegan Celebration – All-Vegan Hot Bar at Tidal Creek!
Celebrate Wilmington Vegan and welcome your new group leaders!!
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It has been my pleasure to have been the leader of Wilmington Vegan for the past several years. I could never have imagined it would grow this big or be such a significant force for good. We’ve had numerous wonderful social events including monthly potlucks, happy hours, and “Carrot Mobs.” We’ve set up our outreach tables at so many community events such as the Wilmington Earth Day Festival and Fire in the Pines. We have repeatedly published the Wilmington Vegan Restaurant and Community Guide, making it easier for both locals and tourists to find vegan eats in Wilmington (as well as encouraging dialog between restaurants and the community). And of course, the Facebook group and the Wilmington Vegan website have been the hubs that made it effortless for people to find their community.

But things have changed in my life and it’s time for me to hand over my leadership to someone new. I am absolutely thrilled to announce to you that the new leader of Wilmington Vegan is Reva Kelly. For those of you who don’t know her, you will find that she is intelligent, kind, and passionate about veganism. She is a true fighter for animal liberation. And (drum roll please) she will be bringing us the first Wilmington Vegan Food Bus!!

Reva’s new role is Executive Director of Wilmington Vegan (and she will be pursuing our non-profit status to make this official). Autumn Butler is coming on as Assistant Executive Director. Board members will be announced at a later date.

I am incredibly happy about these changes and I can already see that Wilmington Vegan is moving up to the next level. Get ready because a lot of amazing changes are about to happen in your community!! Now you must come celebrate this major event with us on Saturday, March 3rd, 4pm, at Tidal Creek. Enjoy an all-vegan hot bar! Talk about upcoming projects or just come to socialize and have fun!

~ Sue Cag

Wilmington Vegan Celebration!
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